Dear friends, you can make a donation to help those who need it the most, to feed a hungry animal, to cure a sick one. Our cause is helping homeless animals. In most cases these animals are hungry, thirsty, mistreated and weak. To save a life of an animal you need time, transport, finance, a good veterinarian and the proper treatment after all. Sometimes animals are in need to stay under observation of a specialist in the vet clinics or a special foster care, where they can recover physically and mentally. Sometimes they are injured very bad and need urgent surgeries. Sometimes they are very ill… For all of this we need finance support every time we save a life. We need you to be with us and support our cause, because without all of you our donors we can’t continue doing nothing.  Please make a donation by the ways described below. Thanks in advance!
How can I make a donation ?
  • Here you can find two different ways by Paypal and Bank account. For more options contact our team.